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Image   •   oct 02, 2018 13:59 CEST

The diver of the Czech Republic Michal Navrátil makes one of his jumps next to the Guggenheim Bilbao, as part of the RedBull Cliffdiving world series 2018.This image shows the sequence of the complete jump from the platform. It is an image that tells us many aspects. On the one hand, we can appreciate the camaraderie that exists between the jumpers in such a demanding and competitive competition, on the other hand, we can also perceive the interest of the athletes in registering and sharing all the unique moments, perhaps in their networks and profiles with its millions of followers, without a doubt a sample of the digital society 3.0 in which we live. On the other hand, seeing the movements so perfect and harmonious all together in the Guggenheim Museum does not leave us indifferent.
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Photographe / Source Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz
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