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Image   •   oct 02, 2018 13:59 CEST

A Red Deer stag at dawn on a misty summer's morning in Bushy Park near London, UK. I’ve been following the Red Deers in the London Parks for the past 3 years, and summer has to be my favourite time of year to photograph them. Stags shed their antlers early in the year and then regrow them over the summer months in preparation for the breeding season or rut in Autumn. This ensures the stag is in perfect condition for the breeding season. Whilst the antlers grow they are covered in a layer of protective velvet which looks stunning when lit in early morning light. During the summer months this means leaving the house at 4am to ensure I have plenty of time to find a Stag before the sun rises too high. On this particular morning there was a beautiful layer of mist veiling the park, adding an ethereal quality to the scene. Having found a Stag I followed him for a while, giving him time to get used to my presence. He was content to graze on the still-green grasses.
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Photographe / Source Matthew Cattell Year: 2019
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