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Adit Merkine, Israel, Entry, Open competition, Wildlife, 2017 Sony World Photography Awards

Image   •   déc 06, 2016 10:00 CET

I was laying on the bank of Kerkini Lake, Macedonia, Greece on 27 January 2016. This lake is known as the most important wintering habitat of the Dalmatian pelican in Europe. At this time of the year the Dalmatian pelicans are in their breeding plumage. It was in the mid-morning. A group of five Dalmatian pelicans came closer and closer, probably looking for some fish from the fisherman on shore. They stopped for a short time in a lined row staring at my camera, like posing for a family shot. It was very exciting and I took the shot.
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Photographe / Source Adit Merkine
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