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Dmytro Verholjak - Markova, Ukraine

Image   •   fév 28, 2018 01:01 CET

The first time I was injured was a year after I went underground. Five bullets in my foot. I was living in the forest with a few others, all young kids. We were busted in the forest by the NKVD, the People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs. There were five of us and they fired at us. I got hit then, in my left foot. I wanted to blow myself up with a grenade so they wouldn't take me alive, but once I realized I could still walk, I threw the grenade in the direction they were shooting from and ran with the others. | Copyright: Chaque image doit être accompagnée d'un crédit photo conformément aux informations téléchargées avec le fichier. | Les images ne peuvent être utilisées que dans un contexte éditorial et doivent se référer spécifiquement à l'événement particulier avec lequel l'image est liée - par exemple, les Sony World Photography Awards | Les images ne peuvent pas être imprimées plus d'une demi-page sans autorisation écrite préalable
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